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A contemporary but classic touch of nature


Living in Touch with Nature

TimberTops provides quality hard wearing wooden bench tops for New Zealanders wanting to live in touch with Nature.

Beautiful natural TimberTops are the perfect contemporary but classic touch for modern or renovated homes. Our TimberTops are the healthy, eco-friendly, natural alternative to man-made counter-tops.

Long awaited and now available in New Zealand.


TimberTops Products

Our wooden bench tops are crafted from the highest quality, A-grade timbers and are manufactured in Europe to demanding standards, using the latest CNC machinery.

The top quality furniture grade timber is quarter sawn, finger-jointed into ~40mm staves and pressure bonded to form a durable top. They are supplied with a square edge and sanded to a 100 grit finish.

Timber is carefully chosen, ethically and sustainably sourced and milled so that we can provide conscience friendly wooden timbertops for your home or office.

From the heart of nature to the heart of your home

Many people use TimberTops in their kitchen where they are a solid, hard-wearing bench top or desktop. But the uses of beautiful timber aren’t limited to kitchen bench tops. As more people discover the eco-friendly natural solution, TimberTops are used throughout the home.

  • Kitchen bench tops
  • Kitchen breakfast bars
  • Dining Tables
  • Office desks and workspaces
  • Studio worktops
  • Bathroom vanity tops
  • Commercial cafe countertops
  • Shop fitouts
  • Solid hardwood doors
  • Solid hardwood shelves

Our Live Edge Tables are new product in our range. Currently available in European Oak and American Walnut, the tables are made from two flitches of timber and assembled with a live edge on the outside and a cut edge in the middle where they join.


TimberTops Species

Manufactured at a number of mills in Europe, our solid hardwood countertops are imported in blanks, in various sizes up to 5.5m and cut to your requirements

The species normally held in stock are

Also available are

  • Cherry
  • Maple
  • Plantation Teak

Two of these need a special mention, Zebrano and Burmese Teak, have a look in our Portfolio for more info.

If you are looking for a different size we can cut and/or join to suit your requirements.

We also custom manufacture to your drawings using the wide range of local and imported timbers available.

We are continually looking for new species to add to our products, so get in touch with us if you don’t see what you are after here.

European Ash
European Ash
Blackened European Oak
Blackened European Oak
European Walnut
European Walnut
French Oak
European Oak
American Walnut
American Walnut
Burmese Teak
Burmese Teak

TimberTops Style

Some of our hardwood TimberTops come in different styles to suit different preferences and settings. All made from the same furniture quality timber, our pre-manufactured blanks are available in Jointed Standard and Jointed Premium, the Full/Long Stave tops are made to order. Due to the differing nature of the species we supply, the different styles are not available for all our products.


Our Standard and Premium range of Jointed TimberTops bring out the variety in the timber. Made from 40 +/-4 mm wide blocks of timber which are finger-jointed to form the length and then high pressure bonded to create the tops. These methods of manufacture enable us to utilise nearly all of the timber logs reducing the wastage.

Standard and Premium TimberTops are usually available off the shelf, some of the less common species may need to be ordered in, especially for larger quantities.

Full Stave

Our Long or Full Stave TimberTops are made from long planks running the full length of the work top or with minimal joins for longer benches. They can be manufactured from quarter sawn timber with stave widths of 40mm or wider flat sawn timber. Available in locally sourced species and made up specially to order.

Hard wearing Timbertops

Heart of the home

Healthy Timbertops



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For Quote Requests

If you would like a quote, the following are some of the factors that influence the price;

  • Timber species
  • Size and thickness
  • Raw slab or finished bench top

We have a growing number of installers across the country, let us know where you are if you want your bench installed or delivered.

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